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Credits and Thanks

Inspira acknowledges and gives credit and thanks to the people who believe in us, and make it possible for Inspira to grow, namely:

Our generous international suppliers

Who believed in us, before we even believed in ourselves.

Our customers

who also believe in us, to support and grow their business.

John Mann

from Macro Photography, taking diamonds and making them even more beautiful.

Luc Ferrone

For promoting Inspira to the Australian Jewellery Industry. Also for his work in promoting his passion: Australian Diamonds.

Derek Byng

Our first sales representative, for bringing us into the Australian market.

Laura Goodwin

Our next Sales representative, for launching the Inspira name.

Worldwide Printing Joondalup

Supporting Inspira’s professional printed image.

Brinks (Aust) Pty Ltd

Securing our goods delivery.

Steve McClelland

For his International diamond experience/knowledge.

Sandra Rechterschot

For financial and accounting support/advice.

Westpac Bank and XYLO

For their financial training and advice, products that "right fit" our needs, and exceptional customer service.

Andre Thane, Thane Financial Services

For financial business support and knowledge, and sharing his workspace.

Thane Web and IT Solutions

(Sachin Rastogi) For making this website possible.

Corporate Backup

(Kevin Allan) for secure data backup and IT support

Our family and children

for putting up with the long hours of work and business and travel, for endless encouragement and support.