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Trading with us International

    We don’t have a minimum purchase requirement in value or quantity terms.

    We accept orders of specific mm sizes, provided we have the stock to fill your request

    We try to accommodate mm size orders as much as we possibly can (for example 1.70 – 1.79 mm), however are restricted by what we have in stock at any given moment. There are popular mm sizes that sell out very fast. Please see for our sizing chart

    As we order by sieve size, and not by mm size we may not have sizes until the next order. To date our shipments have been regular and hardly inconvenienced anyone pending goods.

    Although we order by sieve, we supply to you by mm size to fit your jewellery requirement. Please see for our sizing chart or ask our staff.

    We do give a discount for orders 1ct or more of melee goods within a size range.

    We can ship to you on receipt of payment, or proof of payment (such as bank transfer document).

    We accept credit card payments, however a small surcharge is payable- 1% to cover bank fees.

    Shipping, duties and taxes are not covered in the price of the goods quoted, please see Shipping section of this site, and we suggest to speak to your customs broker, or your Government's customs department.

    Insurance to your premises is covered by Inspira’s insurance.

    All our prices are listed and INVOICED in AUD, not inclusive of shipping and taxes as stated.

    Our trading process:


  1. Our usual process is customers order from our lists, or ask for a quote on a specific requirement. Access to our lists is by business application only.
  2. Once an order is given we will advise you that we are processing your request and commencing extracting the goods
  3. We assemble the goods, and unless by prior arrangement we ask for payment or proof of payment, and then deliver the goods to you via your preferred method.
  4. There are 2 methods of shipping please refer to the reference chart in that section
  5. Invoices can be paid via bank transfer or by credit card (there is a surcharge of 1% bank fees for processing using credit card, which is usually less than bank fees).
  6. The goods are shipped to you as soon as we receive payment or proof of payment
  7. Certificates of origin (where applicable) are supplied at point of sale or as requested


    if you should have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

    Origin Australia Melee Chart