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Inspira Business profile

Inspira is a wholly owned & operated Australian Business, with extensive international diamond business training.

Our Value statement

Inspira diamondsOur company values ethicallly, socially and environmentally responsible diamond and gem products. That is that we source products mined peacefully, where care is taken to support and provide for the social conditions of workers, and the local community. That mining companies we deal with have environmental rehabilitiation practices in place. And that they report truthfully to Governments and the Public, and pay taxes and royalties transparently.

We take great care in sourcing goods that reflect our value system, and are interested in talking with businesses that also fit this value system, and appreciate that care for the earth's environment, and earth's people, is every businesses concern.

Our vision

our vision for our company, is as for the industry, and is also the vision we have for all consumer products, that responsible participants will bring these products through the supply chain through ethical and responsible means. Inspira adds to the consciousness of understanding and appreciating how goods come to the market, through the process of traceability. We then declare those origins and processes transparently so that the gem market can have a responsible choice.

Australia diamonds

Our mission

Our full intention is to provide a practical platform to develop alternatives for the gem market; to provide a chain of custody that is traceable and responsible at every step. Here we provide the means for consumers to at least exercise a freedom of choice; for them to be able to chose an ethical gem product.

You can read more detail about what we are doing towards ethical and traceable diamonds here:

Diamond in rock

Our commitment to the industry

putting our values into practical application at Inspira, has been an ongoing project, and one which we have taken very seriously.

We have recently had our processes reviewed and strengthened by Jeweltree, as part of third party verification of our systems. the results of which can be seen on the Jeweltree website.

However going one step further Inspira has also committed to the developing best practices in the industry through our new involvement with BrandedTrust Assurance, particularly in relation to our Corporate Social Responsibility.

You can find a copy of our commitment to our CSR code here.