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Team Inspira

Every organisation is made possible by its leaders and their staff, the real people that make business interactions happen. In creating Team Inspira we have not only taken into account the skill set of the team members, but their overall fit with our value system.

So it is our pleasure to introduce our Team:

Director Sales & Finance

Steve McClelland Steve McClelland has 30 years of experience in the international diamond industry with formal GIA qualifications, dating back to 1988. Steve began his career sorting rough diamonds from the Argyle mine. He then moved to join the sales/negotiations team that sold the Argyle rough product to De Beers.

His 25 year journey around the world valuing and assessing diamonds, has not only taken him to famous cities like New York, London, Antwerp but also to remote locations such as Zimbabwe, Yellowknife in far North West territories of Canada. Steve moved to Antwerp to commence his career as an Account Manager for a new initiative of Argyle to sell direct to the market, breaking away from the market control of the De Beer cartel.

Steve successfully managed many of the famous names in diamonds : Diambel, Munic Gems, Tiffanys, Schreiber of New York, Schachter Namdar, Rosy Blue, VJ Dimon, Dimexon, Eurostar, Diarough, to name just a few, during his 11 year career in Antwerp. He is credited with an incredible record of US $1.4 billion in sales of rough diamonds during that time. His skills in sales and negotiations has seen him responsible for government royalty valuations in Canada and Australia for the Diavik and Argyle mine. His boldness, hard work, and integrity earned him considerable respect in the international diamond market from customers , employers and other trade officials.

Steve is responsible for Supplier sourcing, Sales, Pricing, Purchasing (stock and equipment), Shipping, Stocklists, Payments, Financials (taxation and GST) , Inventory and consignment Management.

Steve manages the overall day to day sales and functions for Inspira, so it is likely that you will have regular contact with him. Make use of his incredible knowledge of the diamond product.

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Director  Marketing

Charmaine ThaneOur Director since 2005, Charmaine Thane has experience in Marketing for global Diamond Manufacturing Corporations, Corporate Sales and Project Management experience in the communications industry, B.A degree in Psychology and Graduate Diploma in Business Marketing. She has also studied Art at the Konijnlike Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerpen (Royal Academy for Fine Art). Having had a one year secondment to a Web/Digital buisness: ThaneWebit, she also has a good understanding of Visual or Digital marketing in today's business environment. Charmaine is also the product developer for the Origin Australia brand and its products.

It is her vision to create a supply chain for diamonds and gems that respects origins, people and the earth as they should be respected, to provide the practical means for that to happen in a trading platform, and to add to the collective consciousness within the industry to supply ethically and fairly.

Charmaine is responsible for Business Strategy, Policy, Marketing strategy, Advertising & Promotional activity, Media Strategy, Creative Direction, Planning, Product Development.

Feel free to talk ethical supply chain, or ideas for your marketing strategy, or digital marketing with Charmaine anytime (all her passions).

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Graphic Designer

Our digital and printed media assistant, Courtney Thane joined  the team in 2009. At 24; she has completed a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at UWA and now completing her Graphic design studies at ECU, she brings the team into the 21st century with her understanding of new technological software applications (Microsoft Office suite), particularly in the field of design (Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk, AutoCAD, digital interface and social media marketing tools.

Courtney is responsible for the design and implementation of all our visual images and artwork. She also has an supervisory role for website content management (Filezilla, Joomla), social media and the maintenance of office registry (customer and email databases) and inventory systems.

You will see examples of Courtney's graphics and artwork in every facet of the digital and printed communications of the business. She makes us look good.

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Media Assistant






Madison McClelland has studied certificate of business, and  IT and design at Senior school level.

She is responsible for website content management (Filezilla, Joomla), social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Blogspot, Googleplus), maintenance of office registry systems (customer and email databases).

You will know Madison has been hard at work when you notice all our social media.

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In addition the team has been compliant with strict security measures for their entire careers, including daily operating under security cameras.

Lastly, but not least importantly, because of our considerable worldwide diamond experience and credibility, we are fully backed by our global supplier base, as their preferred customer's of choice.


who really are we? what kind of people are we? and what is our earth impact?


  1. sourcing food and drink locally, wherever possible, reducing food miles, and supporting local growers or fair trade
  2. grow our own food, and eat by principles of clean eating
  3. buying as locally as possible or Australian products, wherever possible  (both personally and for the business)
  4. reducing our carbon food print (4-5 days a week vegetarian, eat local)
  5. recycling (paper, glass, cans) or re-using or donating items no longer of use
  6. practising and supporting an attitude of non-violence (people, animals)
  7. water and power consciousness
  8. clothing and sweatshop consciousness
  9. gem consciousness



"Diamonds are our Inspiration"