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Origin Australia

Brand Recognition

origin australia diamondsOrigin Australia ® is a co-branding initiative of Inspira Diamonds and the WA Department of Tourism, therefore as its product developer we are the exclusive wholesale distributor of any products displaying this branding,

In 2008 BrandWA authorised the use of the background logo of BrandWA to Inspira Diamonds, which form the sun and water elements, to which has been applied the diamond logo and name Origin Australia. The name Origin Australia ® and the diamond logo are registered intellectual property of Inspira’s Director Charmaine Thane.

The use of the logo interprets to immediate brand recognition for any stockist or distributor of Origin Australia diamond and jewellery goods, as they leverage from the very recognisable brand image, and join 1200 other organisations already displaying the BrandWA brand.

Please go to our website specifically for ORIGIN AUSTRALIA to find out more.... (coming soon)