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Thursday, 12 February 2015 08:59

This summer we were very lucky to have our very own Inspira Juniors….

Inspira is very serious about our responsibility to our community, which includes training & giving actual hands on experience to interested youth.

We participated in a FULLTIME week work experience program at the close of 2014, with commitment to provide work experience opportunities throughout the year to a local high school for business students.

We also hired a junior from that school to complete an SEO project for us for the launch of the new website.

Fraser was an incredible asset to the team, and we hope to see him back whilst he completes his studies.

The experience gave Fraser some invaluable s

kills in operating the content management system of the Origin Australia website, insight into the workings of a busy office and its

Operational systems.

Fraser was a very responsible, dedicated team member.

I was very impressed at both applicants intelligence, ability to plan ahead, and applied computer skills, hope this is a great example of the youth leaving our schools!!

Thanks also to our previous Junior, now almost full-time media assistant Courtney who supervised the instruction, who started with us at the very same age!!!

inspira juniorsinspira juniors

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