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Our Point Of Difference in the Australian Diamond Industry

Our product range

  • Our specialisation in Australian diamond product makes us one of the privileged distributors of guaranteed Australian diamonds and of the diminishing supply of Argyle whites, champagne, cognacs, capes, blues, greys, and the very coveted PINK diamonds from Argyle.
  • Multiple international supplier sources: our relationship with polished manufacturers and wholesalers, means access to a wide range of polished diamonds.
  • Access to a huge range of international stock at competitive prices.
  • Access to branded Canadian diamonds.
  • Our reputation

  • International certification from recognised bodies (HRD and GIA).
  • Supporting conflict free mining sources.
  • Product integrity and tracking of origin guarantees.
  • Lot numbers/Select Diamantaire invoice numbers.
  • Combine diamond experience of more than 80 years across the Inspira team.
  • Our suppliers belief and trust in us.
  • Security monitoring for entire careers.
  • Members of the Gemmological Association of Australia.
  • Our service and reliability

    We are very fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated team, and our customer service is testimony to our understanding of operating within a business to business environment where time counts to your business. We understand that getting goods to you on time, could mean the difference to your sale, or a potential customer walking out of your door in a very competitive market.


  • Timeliness of delivery.
  • Speed of pricing and processing requests.
  • We use insured and reliable transportation services.
  • Our knowledge

  • Knowledge of rough productions through to polished production, including distribution, manufacturers, contacts, suppliers from an international base.
  • Knowledge of the mining industry, and diamond pipeline.
  • Specific career-long knowledge of the diamond product, and in particular the Argyle Diamond product
  • Our value additions

  • Point of sale displays and other marketing material.
  • Customer confidence tools (lot numbers and diamond and origin certificates).
  • Access to jewellery manufacturers.