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Ethical Diamonds and Traceable Diamonds

Ethical Diamonds

Traceable Diamonds

Inspira Diamonds values:

  • Socially and Environmentally responsible mining
  • Ethically polished and sourced gem products
  • Traceable Origins

This means we source from mine and supplier sources where gems are reached to the trade through fair and responsible means, to both the earth and its people.

We recognise and appreciate that Diamonds, and other gems, are a finite and non-replenishible resource, formed millions of years ago, and removed from the earth for human enjoyment. We respect these products as precious resources to be valued well above their pure market value.

Indeed within the chain of supply of these diamonds and gems are the people that mined, polished and traded those gems,  and until recently there was little awareness of the responsibility to the earth or the people involved in this chain.

Isn't it important to know how are gems came to us? surely as important as our food, or our clothing. We know, and our customers know, because of the transparency that we create, and because we asked the questions.

There has also been a disconnect between beliefs about how the earth and its people should be treated, and actual consumer buying behaviour, particularly for gem products.

Our full intention is to provide a practical platform to develop alternatives for the gem market; to provide a chain of custody that is traceable and responsible at every step. Here we provide the means for consumers to at least exercise a freedom of choice; for them to be able to chose an ethical gem product.

We were doing this before words like "fair-mined" and "fair-trade' were even operating in the gem industry. A small voice competing in an industry where key players can do it bigger and better and faster, but holding to our values nevertheless. Now we are proud to add to the voice of the growing collective consciousness of the gem industry towards the vision we held more than 10 years ago.

Please find our pledge to the ethical trade of diamonds, and exactly what that pledge means in terms of sourcing and investigating supply chain transparency.

Inspira is active and vocal in the role of driving forward these changes to the gem industry as you can see from our industry talks, and through our social media commentary. Please feel free to join our media posts, in your preferred media.

We hope the day is coming when declaring and tracing gem origins is an industry standard. Allowing us all to make choices based on our beliefs, conscience and not just our pocket, or even worse, our ignorance. Indeed science and “spectrograph analaysis” will certainly help us all in this direction.

Traceable Origins

The process of traceable melee is in fact, as you can imagine, very difficult to achieve administratively. It can be an expensive, time consuming exercise, so you can expect this kind of administration to add to the cost of these stones.

If you are interested in the process we use, please contact our office for more details.

We take the process of identification, and maintenance of the identification system very seriously, and we operate such that these systems can be independently audited at any given time.

We also work with the Jeweltree Foundation guidelines to ensure our processes can pass independent audit.

Guarantee of origin

The Origin Australia certificate forms the basis of you and your customers guarantee of origin. It defines the products weight and characteristics, and provide the traceable reference back to supplier documents.

Small Origin Australia® Certificate Large Origin Australia® Certificate
Whites up to 40pts Whites 40pts and above
Browns up to 75pts Browns 75pts and above
Pinks up to 5pts Pinks 5pts and above

This table outlines the types and method of certification available, but please contact one of our staff who will be happy to help you if you are unsure what you can offer your customers. Please note all non-diamond product (such as Gold, pearls, sapphires and other gem product are provided with the Mini-certificate of guarantee Unless otherwise agreed.

origin australia certificate



Ethical diamonds

Responsible Diamonds