committed to responsible, ethical & traceable diamond & gem sources
We are working on the vision that the gem industry, amongst other important industries, needs to respect and act responsibly to a gem's origins, the earth and its people in bringing those products through the supply chain, to the market. Inspira is proud to add to the voice of the growing collective consciousness of the gem industry towards the vision we held more than 10 years ago.

We welcome the opportunity to work with jewellers, and distributors who are working towards the same vision as we are.

Our full intention is to provide a practical platform to develop alternatives for the gem market; to provide a chain of custody that is traceable and at every step. Here we provide the means for consumers to at least exercise a freedom of choice; for them to be able to chose an ethically sourced gem product.

You can connect with us, or our representatives, to bring you responsibly sourced Australian diamonds and gems, via  representatives in 13 countries across the globe.


Origin Australia Diamonds & other products

origin Australia Diamonds


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