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Point of sale & Merchandise

Origin AustraliaBelow are some of the examples of the point of sale merchandise that are available. All prices of the merchandise on application.

The very unique design of the Origin Australia stand perfectly showcases the diamonds in front of the framed backdrop of the beautiful sunset boab tree image.

The visual images have been designed to identify with the scenery of the Kimberly region in Western Australia, as well as the colours identifiable with Australia’s landscapes.


Origin Australia gem box

Origin Australia® Acrylic Stand
& Gem Box
Merchandising examples
(stickers, tent cards…)

Brown color chart

Origin Australia® Champagne and Cognac Diamonds colour chart
( Pink Diamonds Colour chart also available )

Origin Australia Event Package

origin Australia window scale The Origin Australia® Event Package is available on consignment for the duration of an Event in your area. Contact us to book this package for YOUR EVENT.

The package is composed of

  • Champagnes
  • Cognacs
  • Whites
  • Pink Argyle diamonds
  • Related marketing material

This event package can also be used as a trial prior to becoming a distributor.