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Other Australian Gem & Rock products


In developing contacts with businesses as supplier source of Australian diamonds, it became apparent that many jewellery businesses also needed reliable and Ethical sources of other gem product.

Australia, with its rich mineral, ore, rock and gem deposits, as well as abundance of waters and pearl farms, brings a wealth of product to the Gem industry.

Therefore we have begun sourcing products from other reputable gem participants including smallhold prospectors, small mining operations etc. here in Australia.

Hoping to expand the Origin Australia range of products to encompass Australian:

  • Emeralds
  • Sapphires
  • Pearls
  • Opals
  • Boulder and Matrix opals
  • Chrysoprase
  • Rhodocondrite
  • Crazy lace Agate

We hope this expands our jewellers ideas and provides inspiration for new creative designs.


Inspira was approached by a Western Australian gold fields miner to promote the raw gold nuggets that he uncovered in prospecting, as he believes that the true value of the nugget lies in keeping its unique form, and not just melting it into bullion, and he also believed in the value of the brand Origin Australia to describe the unique products found within the Australian land and seascape.

Our customers have found the nugget in its organic state provides more inspiration for natural designs and art forms. They appreciate that the true form of gold is worth preserving.

Because of its unique state the gold is slightly higher than Gold price of the day.

The prospector runs a sole proprietor business, therefore as a mining operation has little environmental impact, as prospecting is done my detectors,And not large scale mining and excavating.

gold nuggets

Other Gems stone

Australian Gem & Rock Australian Gem & Rock
Boulder-Opals Crazy-Lacy-Agate
Australian Gem & Rock Australian Gem & Rock
Matrix-Opals Matrix-Opals




All sapphires are natural, untreated and from Australian mines *

We distinguish between two types of Australian sapphires here, based on cutting centre:

1.  Mined, cut and polished in Australia

2.  Mined in Australia, and polished overseas

We also distinguish between:

1.  special stones as one-off requests (perhaps more for designers)

2.  repeatable and orderable parcels (more perhaps  for manufacturing jewellers)

Sapphires are sold in parcel lots, unless otherwise specified as single stones.