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Jeweltree: because “the symbol for love should be light and free”
Tuesday, 04 August 2015 11:19

With the belief that there should be “no negative” energy attached to how the gems and therefore the jewellery comes to you,

Jeweltree developed it’s hallmark to guarantee supply chain transparency of process, social responsibility and ecological sustainability.

The process of verification incorporates ISO standards, fair trade principles, and other development initiatives.


Inspira has been successfully working with Jeweltree Foundation since 2011, as one of its leading suppliers of Jeweltree accredited melee.


Jeweltree and Inspira have noticed a growing consumer awareness, and an increased use of the Jeweltree certificates.

Jeweltree Supporters who order White diamond goods from Inspira can now be sent the Jeweltree certificate directly with their goods order.
Inspira will lodge the details of the certificate into the Jeweltree system on behalf of the customer, ship the certificate and the diamond goods, therefore allowing the certificate to accompany goods.



For those customers who are not aware of our work with JEWELTREE:  Inspira’s Traceability Procedure verification

Please see the Jeweltree website and blog section for more details: Read more about our co-operation here



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